Spanish Learning Group

Study in a group face-to-face by internet



Group Course


Conversation room in a group, for intermediate to advanced level (B1, B2)

  • A whole week of learning focused in conversation. You have access to the on-line platform for the whole week.
  • A new topic every week.
  • Is a drop-in class.
  • 50 minutes of face-to-face learning session with a qualified Spanish teacher with a link to the webinar room.
  • Small group (<8).
  • 50 minutes or more of learning before your face-to-face session. You access during the week to the on-line platform to be prepared with some  activities for your conversational session.
  • 50 minutes or more of learning after your face-to-face session. You  continue learning with comprehension activities about the topic of the week.
  • 50 minutes or more of learning. You get a grammar activity to practice, related to the learning material presented in the face-to face session, plus some links to learn more about it.
  • You have forum with your group members and teacher.
  • You have feedback from your teacher.
  • Your learning goal is to improve your conversational skills, learn vocabulary and phrases and practice grammar.
  • You pay in advanced a week before your group session starts.

Cost $180usd, the whole course

Now for the face-to-face session in a group:

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*Pacific time zone (UTC -8).

Book here a week before and wait for availability prior to pay! (we’ll respond by email)


Group Course

Step-by-step #1

 for Beginners

  • Learn during 12 days with a qualified Spanish teacher in a small group (less than 10).
  • You use an on-line platform for 12 days, improving vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading and writing skills with specific exercises.
  • Use a webinar platform, face-to-face, for one 50-minute session,  at a specified day and hour daily.
  • It is a structure and progressive program.
  • You have feedback from your teacher via chat.
  • It is an opportunity to study with others in some activities.
  • You pay in advanced a week before the course starts the first Monday of the month.

Cost $180usd, the whole course.

New course start on: October 2018

Book here by August 2018. a week